What is The AI Summit?

"The" Annual Event for Student AI Enthusiasts.
We aim to transform the minds of students around the United States by giving them access to innovative technology and strategies to enter into the field of artificial intelligence.
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2 Summits & Counting

The AI Summit, while still young it’s maturity as an Artifical Intelligence seminar for middle and high schoolers has already opened the eyes of hundreds of minds over the last two years. By providing world-class speakers, excellent guided sessions, and our annual Idea-thon to challenge their skills, we have constructed an event that students will carry with them their entire lives.

GirlsComputerLeague can’t wait to bring the next AI Summit to the burgeoning Loudoun County once again, and we hope you will be able to participate as a sponsor, participant, or speaker in the coming years.

AI Workshops Held


Esteemed Speakers


Neeyanth Kopparapu

CIO of GirlsComputingLeague

Junior at Thomas Jefferson High School

Kavya Kopparapu

CEO of GirlsComputingLeague

Freshman at Harvard University

Our Mission:

To demonstrate the capability of AI technologies to middle and high school students, and increase the availability of tools students have in order to access these technologies.

Speakers to Aspire To

We are proud to host some of the brightest minds in IT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to our stages to motviate young students to reach for innovation.

Engaging Workshops

In working with present AI specialists, we design intuitive and engaging classes for students to be a part of, giving them hands-on experience they can take into their careers.

Challenges for Cash

We ask students to think big with AI to design solutions to real-world problems with the technology we have at hand. The most inspring dreamers win a reward for their research and inventions.

Our Contributions

In our quest to make AI technology more available for everyone, The AI Summit has funded coding clubs for organizations in the DC Mteropolitian area. Leaders from these organizations attended the AI Summit to present plans as to how they will use their funding.

Weyanoake Elementary School
Weyanoake Elementary School

A Title 1 School in Alexandria, VA

Crestwood Elementary School
Crestwood Elementary School

A Title 1 School in Springfield, VA

STEM Impressionists
STEM Impressionists

A Coding Club at Glasgow Middle School in Linconia, VA

DC Housing Authority
DC Housing Authority

An organization that assists low-incoming families with high-quality affordable housing.

Bailey's Elementary School
Bailey's Elementary School

A Title 1 School in Bailey's Crossroads, VA

Interested in The AI Summit contributing to your organization?

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